Ferrari - SP51

Rp. 16,500,000,000

Stylistically there are brand new headlights, model specific wheels and two buttresses at the rear, with taillights sitting inset below the spoiler.Just one SP51 will be bespoke-made for a client in Taiwan who also happens to be one of the leading Ferrari collectors worldwide.

Brand: Ferrari
Type: SP51
Model: Super Car
Warna: Merah
Tahun: 2022
Kondisi: 100%
Body: Istimewah
Interior: Super
Transmisi: Others
Kilometer: 750 km
Pintu: 2
Penumpang: 2
Bahan Bakar: Bensin
Pajak: Hidup

FEATURES: The styling is intended to be both powerful-looking and sleek, with smooth surfaces and design touches including using exposed carbon fibre and a trim on the bonnet that dynamically frames the two air vents.