Cla Coupe

MercedesBenz - Cla Coupe

Rp. 2,455,000,000

This is the Mercedes-Benz User Experience.  You can communicate with the new CLA Coupé as you would with a friend. Using natural speech, touches or intuitive gestures. But always just how you like it. Everything that makes you special.  The design lets you shine. The performance quickens your progress. The interface speaks your language.

Brand: MercedesBenz
Type: Cla Coupe
Model: Unique Car
Warna: Putih
Tahun: 2019
Kondisi: 100%
Body: Bagus
Interior: Sempurna
Transmisi: Matic
Kilometer: 2,500 km
Pintu: 4
Penumpang: 4
Bahan Bakar: Bensin
Pajak: Hidup

FEATURES: The Widescreen Cockpit consists of two HD displays beneath a continuous glass surface. The right media display is a touchscreen that shows all infotainment contents and vehicle settings. On the left is a classic instrument cluster. But it is classic in name only. It is fully individualisable thanks to a range of display styles.